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Yoga Nidra with Animal Spirit Guides

Tuesday October 10, 2017
7 - 8:30 pm

Please join us at the Beehive for a special 8 week Spirit Animal series. We will utilize our connections with the Spirit Animals of Bear, Crow, Dolphin, Hawk, Deer, Sea Turtle, Wolf and Mount Lion to integrate and deepen our sankalpa, a resolve made in the heart.

Surrender to a deeper level of relaxation, peace and Self-awareness than you ever imagined possible. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that systematically guides and relaxes every level of your being, as referred to as the five Koshas in ancient yogic texts and philosophy. This deeply healing and transformative practice is for everyone regardless of age, physical ability, culture or religion. All that is required is to be still and listen. No movement is necessary. Yoga Nidra may benefit anyone as it balances and awakens the body's own healing mechanisms to improve overall health, vitality and wellness. It is particularly beneficial for those struggling with chronic stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes, cancer, endocrine imbalances, anxiety, depression or addictions. All deserve beauty, joy and peace in their lives-allow Yoga Nidra to guide you to your true Self where only radiance, love and bliss abide.

Investment: $20 cash or check per workshop.

Meet Kelly Marsico
Kelly added to her yoga repertoire, by getting a certification in Yoga Nidra from the school of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra as taught by Jennifer Reis whose framework is based upon Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of India, Kripalu Yoga and Integrative Yoga Therapy.